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Are you motivated to eat healthier, but don’t know where to start?

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We all know someone in mid-life who suffers chronic disease, or is struggling with aging

Andrea is going through one of her most difficult times. Between the lockdowns, feeling cut off from friends and family, and trying to maintain some normalcy in these unprecedented times, Andrea has let her eating habits, and her health, go by the wayside.

Jacob, a man in his fifties who has eaten the Standard American Diet his whole life, was recently released from the hospital after having a heart attack. Jacob’s diet is heavy on meat and fat, while fresh fruits and vegetables are scarce. Jacob’s weight has crept up over the years—combine that with an occasional cigarette and it’s a recipe for disaster.

It’s all too easy to neglect our health when we are depressed or pressed for time.

The 30-day Plant-Based Wellness Kickstarter is an empowering and motivating group coaching program designed to provide you the education and knowledge you need to move toward a healthier, more plant-based diet. In 4 information-packed sessions, I’ll educate you using the latest research into how diet can affect risk for chronic disease. You’ll learn that it’s never too late to improve your lifestyle. You’ll also receive awesome bonuses to help you succeed, like weekly action plans, recipes, grocery-shopping tips, and personalized support in between sessions. Best of all, you’ll go through the program with others who are on a similar journey to optimal health and wellness.

Knowledge is your jump-start. Tools are your highway. Community is your insurance of success. Start today and turn back the clock from the inside out!

What's included in the Plant-Based Wellness Kickstarter?

Four 1-hour LIVE group coaching sessions

Each 1-hour session includes an educational module, an action plan to move you towards adopting a more plant-based diet, and Q&A time.

Weekly action plans

A new action plan each week to guide you step-by-step through adjusting your diet and making easy lifestyle changes in a steady, sustainable fashion.

Personalized email support

Email support for the duration of the program. Additional support options after the program ends can be found here.

Access to private community discussion

Access to a private community discussion forum where you’ll receive empathetic support from a group of peers. What's better than a like-mind group of cohorts to learn and grow with?

— reasons to join the challenge —


  • You need guidance and support to demystify plant-based eating
  • You don’t have time to do the research and put together an action plan that works for your lifestyle – it’s all done for you!
  • You desire a deeper understanding of how diet relates to the development of chronic disease
  • You want to gain better health and reduce your risk of disease, but don’t have the time or tools to know where to start
  • You see the benefit of having a coach in your corner to provide education, motivation and accountability to keep you going in a healthy direction.

Real people. Real results.

Check out what clients say about my programs!

— questions & answers —

Common Questions

Do I have to go 100% plant-based on this program?

Although I consider a plant-based diet the gold standard in healthy eating, the amount of change you make during the program is entirely up to you! The program provides insights into the latest research regarding diet and health, useful knowledge on how to change your eating habits, and a supportive community of like-minded people. I give you the tools you need to make healthy changes to your lifestyle--you are in complete control of how much you implement!

Can I do individual coaching sessions during the Kickstarter?

The 4-week Plant-Based Wellness Kickstarter is designed to be a group experience that harnesses the power of a supportive community. However, I do offer individual coaching packages separately. You can read about my 1:1 coaching and sign up on the homepage.

Are the classes on-demand or on a schedule?

All of the coaching sessions are live and interactive. As such, we meet on the same day each week over webinar. For the upcoming course, we will meet every Monday afternoon in order to start the week with an action plan that goes with the educational module. This ensures you have the rest of the week to work on your action plan!

If I am not able to finish the Kickstarter, will I get my money back?

If you are not completely satisfied with your plant-based journey after the first week, you can get a 100% refund through our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. After the first week we regret that cannot offer any refunds.

Who is Plant-Based IQ

Turning back the clock from the inside out

I am mom to a chihuahua mix and a kitty cat. I was also blessed to care for an elderly special needs doggie until he went to the Rainbow Bridge in October 2019. My love of animals and our earth compelled me to go vegan in 2006 and it is still one of the best decisions I have made in my life!

I graduated from the Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate program through Cornell University and the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies in March 2020. I’m your empathetic partner on your journey to wellness.

Donna Lang, Business Growth Strategist
One-on-one Coaching

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Amanda Walker, Walker Fine Art
One-on-one Coaching

If you are considering veganism, or even if you are just curious to learn more about veganism and the benefits and resources available to you, I urge you to set up a consultation with Pamela DeRitis right away. Your life could literally depend on it.  I‘ve dipped my toe in the vegan pond before, but…
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— improve your life—

Program Outline
  • Week 1 Lesson: The link between diet and disease, an overview

    Action plan: Identify your daily habits, lifestyle, schedule and any obstacles you face in your life to adopting a more plant-based diet

  • Week 2 Lesson: How does insulin resistance happen, and the role that dietary fat plays

    Action plan: Check-in on your daily habits, choose 2-3 recipes to try and identify food items you can reduce or replace in your diet

  • Week 3 Lesson: Inflammation and heart disease

    Action plan: Check-in on your daily habits, Choose 2-3 more recipes to try and additional food items to reduce or replace

  • Week 4 Lesson: Protein needs for adults, including athletes

    Action plan: Check-in on your progress, choose 2-3 more recipes and asses protein intake

It's time to eat well & feel good!

Join the 30-day plant-based wellness program today & turn back the clock from the inside out!

Ready to gain knowledge and better health?

An investment in your knowledge, health and longevity is priceless.  The Plant-Based Wellness Kickstarter is $397 for the 4-week program.


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