Pam is an excellent Coach and plant-based lifestyle expert. She helped me take my attempt at eating healthy meals to a whole new level.

After our initial coaching session, I was given a list of plant-based recipes tailored to my preferences that even my meat-eater husband would enjoy. That’s a major accomplishment.

I am an advocate for the idea that “health is wealth”, and I am thankful to Pam for providing information that has ignited my interest in a healthier way to eat.

Her well-crafted questions, empathy, and kind patience coupled with her 14 years of mastering the art of plant-based living invigorated my love of clean eating with yummy suggestions.

Thank you, Pam, for all that you provide. I highly recommend you.

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Donna Lang, Business Growth StrategistOne-on-one Coaching

If you are considering veganism, or even if you are just curious to learn more about veganism and the benefits and resources available to you, I urge you to set up a consultation with Pamela DeRitis right away. Your life could literally depend on it

Ive dipped my toe in the vegan pond before, but never fully committed out of fear of having to forever say goodbye to my favorite foods. After my first meeting with Pamela, she assured me that my favorite food of all, cheese, could easily be replaced with plant based cheese optionsall gourmet and even more delicious than the milk cheeses I once feared missing

Not only am I now eating delicious and energizing foods that taste better than I could have ever imagined, I feel amazing, my skin is glowing, and I have gradually lost weight without feeling deprived

Pamela has introduced easytofind grocery foods as well as local specialty vendors that create vegan food so that I dont miss out on my favorites like icecream, burgers, and cheese! And did I mention, it all tastes outofthisworld delicious?

Whats more is that clean eating like this wildly improves my creativity as an artist, and thus impacts my business in a very positive way

Thank you, Pamela. This journey would not have been as easy of a transition without you. Who knew veganism could be this easy

Feeling great and thankful for my newfound knowledge

Amanda Walker, Walker Fine Art

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Amanda Walker, Walker Fine ArtOne-on-one Coaching