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Telomeres are the caps at the end of our DNA strands. In young, healthy adults, telomeres are nice and long, but these DNA fragments shorten as we age. Shorter telomeres correspond with shorter lifespan, while the reverse is also true – longer telomeres signal longer, healthier life. A 2013 randomized, control study of 400 women divided the subjects into exercise, exercise and portion-controlled diet, JUST diet and a control group who made no changes to determine which factor had the most effect on lengthening telomeres in adults. None of the groups saw any significant improvement after a year, However, a similar study that included a plant-based diet saw significant lengthening of the subjects’ telomeres!

Next time your attorney friend Gregory, who works 80-hour weeks and subsists on a diet of animal-based convenience foods, looks in the mirror and sees a much older man than his age would suggest, ask him if he feels like age is creeping up on him. If he says yes, tell him Pamela from Plant-Based IQ can teach him how to stay young and healthy through diet!

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