In every human being there are 46 distinct strands of DNA, and at the tips of these strands are “caps” called telomeres. Telomeres keep our DNA from fraying and unraveling, but each time a cell divides, a bit of the telomere is lost. After enough cell divisions, the telomere is gone and the cell dies. In this way our telomeres are like a lifeline—when they go, we go. BUT if we can slow down or even reverse this “shortening” process, we can extend the length of our lives. The enzyme telomerase – found in trees and humans – helps rebuild our telomeres, so how can we boost the action of telomerase? A pioneering study from the late 1960’s found that just three months on a whole foods, plant-based diet could boost telomerase activity significantly.

Next time your attorney friend Gregory, who works 80-hour weeks and eats a diet of animal-based convenience foods, looks in the mirror and sees an older man that his age would suggest, ask him if he feels the years are creeping up on him. If he says yes, tell him Pamela from Plant-Based IQ can help him turn back the clock from the inside out!

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