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    Pamela DeRitis
    Center for Nutrition Studies Grad

    I grew up eating magnificent homemade Italian food. Growing up, my parents made sure that us kids not only had plenty to eat, but that the food was incomparable to anything store-bought or restaurant made. Homemade fettuccine alfredo, braciole, gnocchi, and greens and beans were regular stars of the family dinner table. Legend has it that one Saturday morning I came down from my bedroom, took a look at the spread in the kitchen and proclaimed “Not ANOTHER gourmet breakfast!” and took my ungrateful behind back upstairs. All I wanted was just one morning of plain old cereal.

    My interest in health and wellness blossomed in my early twenties, and I began a quest to absorb all of the nutrition information I could get my hands on. My health quest soon led me to learn about the meat industry and how animals we consider “food” are abused in the system of mechanized death that we in the West call “agribusiness.” I claimed to love animals yet happily contributed to their slaughter for my plate, and the more I researched about the animal industry, the more I realized that being vegetarian wasn’t enough. It was then that I made one of the best decisions of my life–going vegan.

    Our lives are only as good as our health. Work with me and together we will create your path forward as you make the transition to plant-based eating, to the betterment of your own health and the health of the animals, and our world.

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    Empathetic Coaching

    We all start somewhere. I wasn’t born vegan, I made the transition over 14 years ago, back when Beyond Meat wasn’t available. (the horror!) It’s easier than ever now but if you’re new to the world of plant-based eating, it can still be daunting. Let my experience and hindsight boost you on your journey. If anyone understands where you’re coming from, it’s me.

    Graduate of eCornell Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate Program
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    Long-lasting results
    Recommendations tailored to you
    Recipe recommendations include sugar-free and unprocessed food
    No judgment - I meet you where you are

    Real people. Real results.

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    Programs Offered

    Professional Speaker

    I bring lifestyle medicine to life in a fun and engaging format guaranteed to teach your employees or members invaluable lessons about health and longevity

    30-Day Plant-based Wellness Kickstarter

    Get coaching advice tailored to your goals and dietary preferences. We’ll put together your path forward as you transition to a plant-based diet.

    One-on-One Coaching

    Get coaching advice tailored to your goals and dietary preferences. We’ll put together your path forward as you transition to a plant-based diet.

    One-on-One Coaching

    Plant-based diet got you curious?

    • Follow my home-grown process for setting motivations and goals
    • Learn about the bountiful plant-based food options that are available to you
    • Adopt healthier eating habits which impact your long-term well being

    Health and wellness has never been more important than it is right now. Work with me, and together we will create your path forward in transitioning to a plant-based diet, and better health!

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    Professional Speaker

    Helping individuals and organizations enjoy better health and greater longevity
    • Engaging interactive discussion
    • Eye-opening information based on decades of scientific research
    • Tools and tips to shift towards plant-based eating

    Are you looking for a health and wellness speaker for your company or organization?

    I conduct insightful, interactive, evidence-based speaking engagements centered around plant-based diets and the intricate connection between diet and disease. I bring the science of lifestyle medicine to life in a fun and engaging format that is guaranteed to teach your employees or members invaluable lessons about their health and longevity.

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    — questions & answers —

    Common Questions
    What if I can't be perfect?
    When you work with me, there is no judgment. There will always be fallbacks when transitioning to a new way of eating, it's normal. We will get over those hurdles, together.
    Will I be exposed to gruesome articles or videos?
    No. I believe that those materials have their place and can be powerful change agents, but I also know that watching or reading upsetting material is absolutely not necessary to transitioning to a plant-based diet. We will focus on your transition in a positive atmosphere, that's all!
    Is a plant-based diet safe for my health?
    YES! When you work with me we will focus on your goals and lifestyle, but there are lots of evidence-based resources that I can share with you that demonstrate not only the healthfulness of a plant-based diet, but its disease-fighting potential as well.
    Do you include exercise in your coaching?
    At this time, my coaching is focused solely on transitioning your diet to be plant-based. The most impact to your health is made through dietary improvement. That said, I'm happy to share my favorite exercise videos and techniques upon request!

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